Untitled (poem)

My “Untitled” poem as a chain of events that culminate in the transformative moment “when a word becomes an image and an image becomes a word.”

With this work I examine ways that literary structures could be translated into topological interventions in the physical space and the precariousness of these kind of transitory moments. The work starts as an empty page on a wall. During the opening the poem is written on the wall by a visitor/performer. Few days before the show closes the visitor/performer comes back and erases the poem. The show closes with the erased poem on the wall.

by Irini Miga


A drop of water that creates a ripple
A ripple that creates a sound
A sound that echoes a thought
A thought that carves into a memory
A memory that simulates reality
A reality that feels monochromatic
A monochrome that reflects an image
An image that becomes the self
The self that carries the body
The body that renders into color
The color that offers the light
The light that transcends into infinity
The infinity that collapses into a moment,
the moment that a word becomes an image
and an image becomes a word.