sculpture, installation,
notions of drawing, text and performativity

An Interval

by Irini Miga


Opening: Wednesday, March 4, 6:00-9:00 pm.

Duration: March 4 – 8, 2020



25 Kent Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11249

(entrance at the corner of N12th St & Wythe Ave)


For Flyweight miniature project space Irini Miga presents An Interval, a scaled-down exhibition scene caught in an ambiguous process of making or unmaking. Composed of utilitarian objects such as a ladder, a nail, and a hammer, Miga imagines this intimate gallery in a moment of pause offering the viewer a space for contemplation. The otherwise empty room is filled with the sound of a love piece – “Requiem” –  a 1791 commissioned composition written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to commemorate a death, and a piece that remained unfinished due to the composer’s death.

An Interval will be on view in New York for a few days; a duration parallel to numerous art fairs bringing together countless local and international galleries showcasing artworks from around the world this period each year — even when there is an outbreak of a pandemic.


About Flyweight:

Flyweight is a 1:12 scale exhibition space for miniature solo projects organized by artists Clare Torina and Jesse Cesario. The mobile version of the gallery, presented here, moves around the city in collaboration with other galleries, curators, and collectors.