22 notes

22 notes is a work that weaves intricate connections, paying homage to the art of improvisation within the framework of an annual calendar.

Drawing inspiration from the composition “Das Jahr (The Year)” by Fanny Mendelssohn, a composer from the Romantic Era, and personal handwritten notes crafted during the year 2022, this piece emerges as a unique embodiment of a bygone year. Each one of the twelve months is represented through fragments of the musical score. Seven handwritten notes, honouring each day of a week, are either interwoven within the musical score or scattered throughout the composition, taking the form of delicate paper spheres.

Graceful small, and large dynamic painterly gestures are composing a landscape in movement that brings together, as a symphony in motion, of all the constituent components. Sculptural pieces such as glazed ceramics, wooden and brass bars, engage in harmonious conversations with painterly and drawing elements of this mural.

Ripples in time and moments of silence make this work a terrain for a new system that is trying to organise and record time’s elusive nature.