sculpture, installation,
notions of drawing, text and performativity

Κουράγιο (Courage)

My work is a small piece of paper, on the floor, with the word courage (κουράγιο) written on it. Courage is on the floor, waiting to be gifted to anyone who needs it. There, it is possible that it will be stepped on, by mistake (or not,) crumpled, and even worse thrown away as something worthless. Unfortunately, it will not be accessible to those unable to search for it. I have created a lot of courage — enough for the whole duration of this exhibition. If during the day —when the exhibition is open to the public— the courage remains intact, it continues to stay at the same spot for the next day.  If it is steeped on and crumpled it will be picked it up by the gallery stuff, at the end of the day, and placed in a box where all the courages that have been pressed out of shape will be collected. The next day begins with a new courage, in a different area of the exhibition space.This will continue until all the courage belongs to those who need it and those courages who have endured the pressure of the days are placed in a single frame. This will be the final work.